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Maternity Photography

A celebration of new life is always a welcome subject. We often schedule a maternity photography session to capture the mother's changing body, chronicle the process of the pregnancy, and celebrate the family's coming addition. While the physical aspects of pregnancy can often leave the mother feeling tired or unattractive, a maternity shoot is an excellent excuse to get dressed up and have a photo session that can counteract those feelings and celebrate the incredible process of bringing new life into the world.


Our photographer also works with newborn photography if you'd like to capture the first few days of your little one's life. As the growth process occurs much more quickly than we realize, baby photography is a great way to remember these early days and look back at them fondly when your child is older. Studio photography is a good choice for these types of shoots as parents can choose different backgrounds and props with a lower risk of exposing the baby to loud noises and outside factors.


If you'd like to schedule a maternity or baby photography session, contact Edna Vakili Photography to set up an appointment in Walnut Creek, CA, to capture these special times.

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