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Couples Photography

Are you celebrating an anniversary or another important milestone in your life together as a couple? Couples photography is a popular service we provide that captures the magic and love of your relationship. As a session photographer, we understand that sometimes asking a stranger to take pictures of you two together may feel a bit awkward as you invite someone to look at your personal relationship. However, we have the experience and knowledge to encourage you both to relax and enjoy your photography session for beautiful, intimate pictures showcasing your love for each other.


We are also an engagement photographer for those couples who have decided to take their relationship to the next level. There are many beautiful locations in the surrounding areas to have your engagement photos taken. Of course, if you have a sentimental meeting place or another special backdrop you would like to have, we'll be happy to accommodate. Couples and other session photography are ideal for special occasions or significant events that you would like to turn into wedding invitations or decorative pieces.


These kinds of photo shoots are the rare opportunity to capture and commit some of the most important stages in your life to film and memory. We are always delighted to be couples' choices for photograph sessions in Walnut Creek, CA. Call Edna Vakili Photography today to learn more and set up a shoot.

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